Undergraduate Programs in English

The option of programs taught in English is offered at BIGC. Programs in engineering, humanities, art and management whose language of instruction is English provide alternatives to those who find the acquisition of the Chinese language challenging.


Core courses: 

Automatic control principle,
Microcomputer principle and interface technology,
Power Electronics Technology,
Sensor and detection technology,
Mechanical design basis,
Mechanical manufacturing engineering and technology,
Industrial robot technology,
Principle and application of single chip microcomputer
Electrical control and PLC,
Motion control system,
Process control system,
Numerical control technology,
Hydraulic transmission and pneumatic technology,
Human computer interaction design 

Electronics Engineering & Computer Science
Core courses: 

Programming Foundation ,
Circuit Analysis ,
Analog Electronics Technology ,
Digital Electronics Technology,
Data Structure,
Computer Organization,
Database Principles,
Computer Graphics Technology,
Electronics Technique Practice,
Programming Project
Electronics System Project,
Data Structure Project,
Java Programming,
3D Modeling Foundation ,
Introduction of Modern Printing Techniques,
Multimedia and Digital Publishing
PCB Design ,
Game Development Technology Multimedia and Digital Publishing,
Mobile Application Development,
Computer Networks,
Embedded System ,
Human-computer Interaction Design ,
Micro-computer Controller Unit and Application ,
RFID and Application ,
Wireless Sensor Network and Application
Industrial Robot Technology and Application,
Wireless Networking Protocol and Application,
Big database technology ,
Embedded System Project ,

Printing Engineering
Core courses: 

Printing Introduction
Color Scicence
Text/Image Processing and Reproduction,
Digital Workflow System of Printing
Printing and Culture Communication
Applied Optics for Printing Engineering,
Printing Principle and Technology
Postpress Technology
Printing Quality Control and Standardization
Counterfeiting Technology and Application,
Digital Halftoning Principle
Functional Printing Technology and Application,
Project of Color Science and Technology and Application
2D Printing Page Layout and Workflow Processsing
SHOTS Training
Building Printing Quality System


International Publishing
Core courses: 

History and Culture of Communication,
History and Culture of Publishing ,
Practical Writing,
Society and Culture of Western Countries,
Appreciation of English Movies,
Communication Studies,
Intercultural Communication,
International Publishing management,
Copyright Management,
Contemporary Publishing Industry
Selected Readings of English Literature,
History of British & American Literature,
Classics of Western Thoughts,
An Introduction of Chinese Culture,
Academic Writing ,
Editing and Proof-reading,
Studies of Influential Publishers,
Media Ethics and Regulations ,
Social Investigation ,


Core courses:

Principles of Management
Principles of Economics, Statistics
Organization Behavior
Human Resources Management
Production and Operation Management
Management Information System
Financial Management
Media Enterprise Management 


Core courses:

The creative process
Creative strategy
Research methods for creative strategists
Visual development Imaging
Portfolio for creativity
Portfolio for creative strategists
Design technology
Type design
Digital tools
The art of making
Principles of user experience
Graphic design
Package design
Branding principles
Visual systems
Traditional animation
Collaborative project
Intermediate figure drawing
Fundamentals of photography
Traditional photo process
Web design

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