Student Union

Enriching the intellectual, cultural and social well-being of the SIE students and campus community, the Student Union strives to create an innovative and inclusive environment acting as a catalyst for campus engagement. It is committed to building community by providing programs and experiences that foster student development within quality facilities and self-management.

We look forward to your joining and making the best of your campus life.

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School of International Education
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

Address: No.1 (band -2)Xinghua Street, Daxing District, Beijing, 102600, P. R. China
Tel: +86-10-60261010
Fax: +86-10-60261002

Dean: School of International Education
Director: Office of International Affairs
Phone: +86-10-60261509
Mobile: 13801000373

LIU Yang
Deputy Dean
Supervisor of International Affairs
Phone: +86-10-60261153
Mobile: 13520677859