Administrative Service

School of International Education(SIE) is the sole provider of administrative service for foreign students. The staff of SIE deal with every aspect of the formalities and procedures from your enrolment to graduation.

You are welcome to drop by and seek help from us.

Academic Service

Programs at the SIE are taught by specialists and elite teaching teams. Your progress will be monitored at all times to make sure you remain on track to successfully complete the program. In addition, the SIE also helps instruct and guide you to adjust to the style of teaching that you will experience in your degree program, including taking part in tutorials, seminar-style classes , larger group lectures, practice in labs, and online forums etc.

Besides, if you want to study at BIGC but do not meet the requirements for direct entry, you can take a year of International Foundation Study in the SIE, which aims to provide you with the skills and knowledge in order to succeed in your degree program.

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School of International Education
Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication

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Dean: School of International Education
Director: Office of International Affairs
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LIU Yang
Deputy Dean
Supervisor of International Affairs
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