Non-degree Programs 2016/2017

Summer and Winter Programs 

★ Objectives: 

Aiming at broadening and enhancing international cooperation, and promoting cross-cultural communication, we implement summer and winter programs by way of integrating language learning, language practice, cultural experiencing and global communication so that all the participants can benefit from not only language acquisition but also truly understanding Chinese history, educational system, scientific innovation and aesthetics to strengthen their competence and capabilities.

★ Applicant Requirements : 

We will accept candidates, who should be physically healthy and abide by Chinese Laws and university regulations.

★ Program Schedule:

Program Season


Weeks Total

Application Deadline

Winter program

January 10-January 24

2 weeks

December 20

Summer program

July 1-15/24(2017)

2 -3weeks

June 10

★ Tuition and Fees:

Registration: CNY200/person
Tuition: CNY2500/person-CNY3600/person. The tuition covers: courses, lectures, library, sports and cultural facilities, break and lunch, tour guide and insurance.
Facilities:(twin bed rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen): CNY32/bed/day 

★ Dining : 

Free breakfast and lunch in the canteen of the campus. Dinners will be paid by attendants themselves. 

Chinese Language Training Programs(Flexible entrance )

★ Why to learn Chinese?

China is one of the world’s oldest civilizations with over 5000 years history and enjoys the richest cultures. 30 years reform and opening-up leads to China being the second largest economy in the world. China is the largest trading partners of many countries. China has a huge market share, and business leaders are looking for people who can speak Chinese and operate successfully in a Chinese cultural context. Knowing Chinese may give you an edge when competing for an important position.


To help learners obtain skills to communicate in Chinese, this program is divided into preliminary, intermediate and advanced levels. The curriculum includes comprehensive, listening, speaking, reading and writing courses. We follow goal-directed, students-centered, Supervisor-assisted teaching methodology to motivate students, abstract input& conceptual knowledge through synchronous interaction, subject-oriented lecture, and follow-up task for reinforcement. When the training ends, students can improve their Chinese proficiency and be able to communicate in Chinese.

★Applicant Requirements: 

We welcome all candidates of over 18 years old who are interested in Chinese language and culture, and who should be physically healthy and abide by Chinese Laws and university regulations.


1. Students will be grouped into different classes at appropriate levels, according to their   interview results on registration day.
2. Learning efficiency will be raised and lectures will be varied by the application of language lab and assisted by multi-media equipment.
3. Colorful language-practicing activities are held regularly, such as Chinese song singing contests, speech contests, essay writing contests, and experiencing the local Chinese life,etc.
4. Learning together with Chinese students and organizing activities with both overseas students and Chinese students together.

★Program Schedule:

Program Season

Time duration

Application Deadline

Tuition Fee

Application Fee (Non-refundable)

Spring semester 

March 1-July 1

December 20


 RMB 450

Autumn semester

Sep 1- Jan 1st(2017)

June 10


RMB 450

★ Facilities:

 ( twin bed rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen): CNY32/bed/day Board and lodging: afforded by participants
(Note: For exact registration time, please refer to Admission Notice.)

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